Blinky by Bankify

Blinky encompasses a set of microservices that encourage our young users to make smarter financial choices in their everyday life.

We specialize in producing an engaging youth-centric user experience.

White label

Blinky is provided as a white label application, which combines incentivized micro-saving, a platform for sharing and generating educational saving tips within the user base, an efficient AI scanner including data mining, and cross-platform weblinks, which can be shared in any social channel.

The user experience and engagement are heightened through the personalization of profiles with pictures, Emojis, and other user-created content. The white label application guarantees attractive user acquisition, conversion, and retention metrics.

The solution can be customized to any market and it supports both Open Banking integrations and other third-party APIs.


We offer a broad set of cross-platform based microservices, which can be implemented with light integration into a partner’s existing mobile banking application as an SDK and/or API.

These microservices include Blinky features such as; micro-saving, group payments, an AI scanner, and personalized content.

This solution offers a high level of customization, as it enables the selection of a set of functionalities that cater best to our partner’s and their digital user base’s specific needs.

Enhancing an existing application’s user experience with Blinky microservices is a powerful way to increase user retention within the millennial segment. Additionally, it offers user acquisition opportunities through social broadcasting.

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