Impacting Millennial Banking

We believe in smart financial choices today, for a better tomorrow

Tailoring mobile banking services to Millennials

We provide a next-gen user experience to banking solutions and beyond. Our set of microservices are tailored to the ever-evolving needs of the digital native younger segments. We focus particularly on three aspects:


Increasing the degree of customisation in online banking, from profiles to saving plans.


We believe in encouraging our young users to take control of their own finances, one small step at a time.

Social sharing

Everything is better when it is done together. Our unique solutions enable secure sharing within all existing channels.

What we do

Our newest launch, Blinky, consists of a set of microservices that can bring value on their own, or enhance existing mobile banking solutions. These features, including secure group payments, unique weblinks and customised saving goals are delivered in two models.

Open Banking Partner Benefits

Increased revenues from acquisition and retaining millennial users

More transactions via social sharing & group payments

Enhanced experience & engagement in mobile banking solutions

Enhanced brand loyalty within the younger segment


Accelerator programme

Top 5 Fintech in Finland 2018

Let's do something great together!

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